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Tenant Relationships

Tenants are the backbone of any successfully operating property. We invest heavily in building a level of trust between our team and tenants to guarantee they can grow and thrive with us as partners.

Vendor Partnerships

CCM has developed an extensive network of qualified and trustworthy vendors across the Southeast to ensure any and all property needs are taken care of.




From roof repairs to parking lot striping, our team will always present numerous quotes from our collection of vendors to best meet the needs of the property and the interests of our landlords. 

Insurance/Site Inspections

CCM tracks all annual inspections to ensure compliance with local municipal codes and relevant property insurance policies. We also ensure all tenants are given ample notice in accordance with their lease language.  

Lease Management

Our team creates full lease abstracts of all tenants, which are then inputted into our property management software. This makes the process of tracking lease end dates, rent escalations, % sales thresholds (if applicable), and treatment of any applicable NNN caps seamless.

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Heater Check
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  • Monthly financial reporting package delivered via email to you on the 15th of each month detailing financial performance and other pertinent information from the preceding month.

  • Rent collection and vendor bill pay

  • Annual operating budget preparation setting forth Manager’s projections of all revenues and expenses.

Chart analysis

Tax Support

  • Year-end assistance to your external CPA for his/her tax preparation efforts

  • Year-end preparation of vendor 1099’s

  • Coordinate annual property tax appeals

  • Preparation of annual cam, taxes and insurance reconciliation.

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